Spv Shareholders Agreement

The minority shareholder will introduce 1/3 of the acquisition cost and nothing more. The majority shareholder finances any development through introduced credits and wishes to ensure that its eventual reward corresponds to the financial contribution. I am working with solutions to achieve this, and the one that seems the fairest seems to be either the issue of other actions based on the exchange of loans for shares, or the credit of significant interest on the loans introduced. The only other alternative seems to be remuneration in relation to entry (with tax and NI issues not negligible). This must be enshrined in a shareholder agreement. Does anyone have any alternative proposals? Once you have merged these elements and printed the views of the shareholders, you will be able to consult the overall compensation and profit-benefit package and perhaps adapt the participation rates to the circumstances. The address of the structure and the decision on the matter are taken with full knowledge that it is the consortium that is being reformed as a project vehicle and that the sponsors become the shareholders of this project vehicle. Each member of the consortium (with the exception of certain appointed contractors) must be required to participate as a shareholder in the future SPV and to take a stake in it. Shareholders hold equity in the shares defined and agreed in the shareholders` agreement. The size of a holding can vary from very small (precise equity) to large scale. Normally, it is the sponsors of primary projects who together hold the largest equity.

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