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Unless your home university specifically requests it, you do not need to fill out this section of the agreement. However, we recommend that you discuss any changes made to your race selection during the semester with your home university. Information interviews by personal appointment by e-mail with Mr. Esther Drexler esther.drexler (at)phwien.ac.at Gusshausstrasse 28, 1st floor 1040 Wienwww.tuwien.at/international More information is available on www.wien.at. You can get information about events in Vienna Tourism or on the city`s event database. Hotel information by phone: `43 1 24555, Fax: `43 1 24555 666, contact: info (at)wien.info. City map www.wien.gv.at/stadtplan/ district information www.wien.gv.at/bezirke/ education and research www.wien.gv.at/bildung-forschung/ culture and recreation www.wien.gv.at/kultur-freizeit/ people and societies www.wien.gv.at/menschen-gesellschaft/ health and social affairs www.wien.gv.at/gesundheit-soziales/ political and administrative www.wien.gv.at/politik-verwaltung/ the environment and the environment climate protection www.wien.gv.at/umwelt-klimaschutz/ transport and urban development www.wien.gv.at/verkehr-stadtentwicklung/ www.wien.gv.at/arbeit-wirtschaft/ work and economy www.wien.gv.at/arbeit-wirtschaft/ construction and housing www.wien.gv.at/bauen-wohnen/ the Vienna Municipality organisation Many interested participants attended the sixth Erasmus day of THE PH Vienna this year via the conference of the 6th framework programme. Information/English EURES – The European Job Mobility Portal ec.europa.eu/eures/ This is to determine the races you are planning to take at your host university. At the same time, you must agree with your directorate of studies (SPL) which courses will be recognized within your degree program at the University of Vienna. The Learning Agreement before the Mobility must be signed by all three parties (student, SPL, host university). The Learning Agreement for Traineeship consists of 3 parts: Deadlines: Any changes to the original Learning Agreement should be made as soon as possible and 5 weeks after the beginning of the semester at the latest, leaving you enough time to register for different races if there is any problem with recognition by the SPL. . Deadlines: When downloading your documents in Mobility Online, the Learning Agreement must have been signed by you and your SPL.

Before you go abroad, you must also have the Learning Agreement before the Mobility signed by the host university and then download it again on Mobility Online. If necessary, a new language note must be completed after the end of the Erasmus stay. This is used to measure the improvement of your language skills during your stay abroad and thus helps to improve the offer. Confirmation of stay Traineeship Erasmus – (pdf) – Austria Advertising – Austria Lexicon – Statistik Austria – Bundeskanzleramt ` Should there be changes to your originally proposed study program, or if you are extending your stay, please create the form Learning Agreement during the Mobility in Mobility Online. You can add additional races (“added component”) and/or delete races (“deleted component”). . . . Language preparation is also encouraged as part of your Erasmus internship.

You are obliged to check your knowledge of Danish, German, English, French, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish and Czech through online assessments before staying, provided that one of these languages is your main working language. . Voluntary internships during the active study period must be included in the Diploma Supplement.

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