Definisi Service Level Agreement Adalah

Mr. Asep for service management costs, perhaps we can give a real example of what kind of management services? &brp the costs that must be incurred o/ company u / service, later I try to help him calculate it Often SL or SLA jargon appears when meeting friends who are in the call center. SL stands for service level, while SLA is a service level agreement. The first thing that needs to be included in the service level agreement panel is a summary of the agreement. Do you know what a service level agreement is? On this occasion, we will talk about understanding, benefits and also examples of service level agreements. Read it until it`s over. On the customer`s side, it is to guarantee the aspect of availability of information (if we refer to the concept of qualified information, it is about availability, accuracy, updating). In order for the customer to feel facilitated by the availability of the services provided by the provider, so that the process of managing data / information with related parties (customers / suppliers) runs smoothly and in peace, because the service is dead, one can imagine if the customer is a banking institution (where the required service is 24 hours, in other words, the Internet service should not be down (dead) and it can also be presented when the services of the bank are low (dead), the consequences of the marketing aspect of its customers of the bank will not believe, so that the most tragic impact is that the customer switches to the service of another bank?, as well as other services such as universities, which will have an impact later on the bad image of the university. After the intelligent SLA, the next important step that needs to be properly managed is documentation. Some important elements to document, among others: In the world of business management, the service level agreement is the best way for the parties involved to fulfill their respective obligations. The existence of a service level agreement benefits both parties by providing absolute clarity on what can be expected from a business relationship. How to calculate SLA based on the service provided, for example, I know some IT providers, especially Internet service providers / Internet Service Providers offer SLA between 96% – 99%, which means that the provider guarantees in a month that the services provided are: What then is a good example of a service level agreement? Please note below. But first, it is important for us to know that the SLA example below is not an absolute standard, in practice SLA is made on the basis of the scope of services or cooperation contracts implemented.

The return is a return in the form (may take the form of a payment (money) or others (depending on the contract) from the service provider to the customer. SLA is necessary, if we consider on the side of the service provider, as a guarantee for the service made available to the customer, so that the customer can be satisfied with the service provided, another impact on the side of the service provider: is the traditional marketing concept of word of mouth marketing, which means that the customer makes recommendations to his friends / other colleagues that the services provided by the provider are good, so hopefully other friends / colleagues wish to subscribe to the provider / service provider SLA is a binding contractual document between the provider and the customer that explains the obligation, priority, responsibility for the different services presented and also the level of service or standard, that the service provider must satisfy with different sizes to see its performance….

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