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Their rights and obligations are the same as those of any other resident. To ensure that your rights and obligations are protected, there are laws that all government-funded seniors` care homes must comply with. Do you have any special supplements to include in your residency agreement? Tell us in the comments below. If you decide to enter into a resident agreement, you do not have to sign it at the time of the offer. Maybe you`d like to take the time to enasuing the help of friends, family, caregiver, financial advisor, or lawyer to account for the deal when you don`t have to. Before you move in, a senior care home offers you a pension agreement that can cover things such as the services you receive, the fees you have to pay, and the rights and obligations you have as a resident of the home. You can top up your package by purchasing additional care and services through your provider. You must immediately inform your retirement home in writing. You must continue to pay your care costs and the care costs you received during the 14 days. Your senior care center must present you with a resident agreement before entering or as soon as possible after you enter If you want to understand and sign your agreement, but if you are not physically able to sign on your behalf someone who has the legal authority to sign on your behalf, for example. B someone who has a mandate for you.

Once you have signed your Home Care Agreement and have an individual budget, your care and services can begin. If you have any questions, please contact your new retirement home. It is their responsibility to ensure that the agreements proposed to you are clear. If you have language difficulties because the agreements are not written in your preferred language, you can contact the Australian Government Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) at 13 14 50. You can also ask your family, friends, guardians or a lawyer to help you understand the terms of your agreements. The proposed agreements may not automatically include all the things you deem important, so it`s a good idea to check out…

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