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Option 1: Uniform Application for Physician Assistant State Licensure (UA) and Federation Credentials Verification – -This application aims to improve license portability by removing the need for physicians to re-enter information when applying for licenses in several states. Under the new law, medical assistants are required to enter into a practice agreement with a treating physician or group of physicians before treating patients. The practice agreement is a contract between the medical assistant and his supervisory physician, which defines the scope of the physician`s assistant`s practice and the tasks for all parties, including the supervision required for the various tasks or procedures described in the agreement. With regard to the scope of the practice, paragraph 2 of Section 5 clearly states the current RCW 18.71A.030: “Medical assistants may practice in any field of medicine or surgery as long as the practice is not beyond the domain of the treating physician and clinical practice and practice agreement.” Under stakeholder leadership, Section 5 (3) adds a new subsection to the same RCW, which sets out the requirements for medical assistants administering anesthesia. In a substantial change in existing legislation, practical agreements apply as soon as all parties sign them and no longer need the approval of the Washington Medical Commission. Instead, practice agreements are submitted by the medical assistant to the Washington Medical Commission as soon as they are signed. Practical agreements can also be amended at any time to reflect new tasks or responsibilities. The medical assistant is responsible for submitting amendments or amendments to the Washington Medical Commission. In addition, the Washington Medical Commission has put in place emergency rules to eliminate requirements for retired active physicians, including limitations on compensation and the essential requirements to encourage their return to practice. Read the Statement of the Medical Commission. Currently, assistants and physicians are working together under delegation agreements approved by the Washington Medical Commission. From 1 July 2021, the procedure for the delegation agreement will be replaced by the new system of conduct agreement. The current delegation agreements remain valid after 1 July 2021, unless the content of the delegation agreement changes or the medical assistant changes jobs.

Section 6 contains specific information on practice agreements, including requirements, record and registration requirements. It is important that Section 6, paragraph 2, specifies that practice agreements must include all of these points: under current legislation, medical assistants must obtain authorization from the Washington Medical Commission to practice on isolated sites. From July 1, 2021, medical assistants will be able to practice in isolated locations if this is within the framework of their practice agreement.

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