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Agreement Vhu – test1

Agreement Vhu

➡️ Cardiff VHU2 helps you get your VHU certification with its various features Once you show up at the VHU Centre, you can no longer drive your vehicle. Following a report by Mr. LETCHIMY, Member of Parliament for Martinique on the circular economy abroad, the authorities instructed car manufacturers to put in place a voluntary action plan to reduce the high number of abandoned vehicles. This plan aims to assist and assist local communities in overseas territories in the collection and treatment of abandoned HHIs and to prevent the fleet of these vehicles from being renewed. The consultation work with the industry led to the launch of an experimental collection phase with the PSA and RENAULT groups in spring 2018. At national level, the legal framework for the implementation of the European directive is defined by Articles R.543-153 and following of the Environment Code. The vehicles involved are passenger cars, vans and three-wheeled mopeds. Passenger cars account for the vast majority of the HCV (approximately 93%) supported by the approved centres of the VHU. Since 24 May 2006, two players in the out-of-use vehicle sector must be registered by the prefect.

As part of the renewal of the authorization, the application must be submitted at least six months before the authorization expires. If there is no response from the prefecture as a result of this request within 6 months, the Centre may consider that its accreditation has been renewed. In particular, a car, van or three-wheeled moped must be handed over to a prefect-approved out-of-use vehicle disposal centre (HVV). This new requirement stems from the Out-of-Use Vehicle Regulation (HVV). Eu directive 2000/53/EC on out-of-use vehicles has been transposed into French legislation. The terms of obtaining this authorization are set by the decree of 2 May 2012 (the decree of 5 March 2005 is repealed). To obtain VHU approval, HCV centres and shredders must obtain a certificate of compliance from a certification body such as Bureau Veritas Certification. The main provisions of the scheme are: As of January 1, 2017, consumers must be informed of the spare parts of the circular economy when repairing or maintaining their vehicle (car, van) and can opt for the use of these parts rather than new parts.

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